1. thefilmstage:

    The beautiful teaser poster for Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice.

    Watch the trailer here.

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  5. design-is-fine:

    Otl Aicher, artwork for travel campaign for the german town Isny, 1976-86. Source

  6. "While flying south of San Francisco recently, photographer Julieanne Kost managed to capture this beautiful series of photographs that look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. The color in the photos isn’t altered, nor were the images taken with an infrared lens, instead what you’re seeing are countless trillions of microorganisms thriving away inside shallow salt ponds. It takes an average of five years to transform bay water into salt brine, during which the various organisms that live in the ponds undergo a dramatic chromatic shift as the salinity increases.”

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  7. rutcity:

    David Lynch in the 80’s

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  9. 99percentinvisible:

    Throwback: before most cables ran underground, all electrical, telephone and telegraph wires were suspended from high poles